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SOLD – 1999 Voodoo Stratocaster Olympic White


Want to sound like Hendrix? Than you need this guitar.

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Want to sound like Hendrix? Than you need this guitar. Designed and build to honour perhaps the best guitar player ever. With a reversed headstock, the bass strings are longer and the high strings are shorter and therefor easier to bend. The pickups are also upside down (because Jimi played a righthanded guitar upside down). So this also infuences the sound. In the traditional Hendrix colour: Olympic White. Great guitar that has been played. Frets still fine. Some scratches and dings. The volume pot seems to be replaced (for it says made in Japan). And one of the former owners put shielding in the pickups cavities to cancel hum. Finally it has a cigaret burn mark on the headstock. Comes with a non-original but excellent Fender Tweed Case.


Weight: 3.610 Kg

Body: Alder
Body finish: Polyurethane
Neck: Maple with maple cap
Fingerboard radius: 9,5″
Number of frets: 21
Fret size: Medium Jumbo
Nut wodth: 1.650″ (42mm)
Reverse Large headstock
Picksups: Vintage syle, reverse staggered pole-pieces

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