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SOLD – 1990 Fender Strat Ultra Crimson Burst

Never played Ultra in beautiful Crimson Burst from the first year of the birth of the Ultra Stratocaster.

Send me a message if you’re interested!

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Great Ultra from the first year of production. And this 33 year old guitar has never been played. It used to belong to a collector who bought it in 1990 and stored it for 33 years!!!

Send me a message if you’re interested! This guitar will be shipped from The Netherlands, so if you live in the EU there will be no taxes!

Body: Alder, highly figured maple top and back; Finish: Polyurethane; Routing: Swimmingpool
Neck: Maple with ebony fretboard; Shape: C; Radius: 9.5″; Number of frets: 22; Size: Medium Jumbo; Nut: Wilkinson Roller; Width: 43mm; Trussrod: BiFlex
Pickups: Fender Lace Sensor; Bridge: 2x Red; Middle: Gold; Neck: Blue.
Controls: Volume, Tone (Neck), TBX (Middle, bridge)
Switching: 5 Way + 3 Way mini-toggle for bridge pickups
Bridge: Deluxe Tremelo System with pop-in arm
Tuning Machines: Schaller Locking Tuners

The Ultra comes with lots of switching options (source Xhefri’s Guitars)!

Position #1: The bridge pickup using a 3-way mini-switch. This alone gives several variations, which are really cool. Here is what the “mini-switch” does to the Dually bridge pickup (and remember too, that these settings can be mixed with the other pickups). Up) activates the front bridge pickup which creates a out of phase hollow sound, which then can be mixed with the middle pickups with the 5-way Super Switch. Middle) has the bridge pickups in series creating a hot humbucker sound. Down) activates the back pickup on the bridge to give a single coil sound which mimics the tone of a Telecaster bridge pickup. The distance of the pickups from the bridge creates different tones.

Position #2: The bridge and the middle pickups mixed together, which can get a multitude of Strat out-of-phase tones because of the mini-switch and the TBX tone control.

Position #3: Here is where we part from standard Strat wiring. Instead of just running the middle pickup, this position mixes the neck pickup with the bridge pickup like on any 2 pickup guitars, such as a Telecaster. Again, with the mini-switch you can shape the color of the sound. Full, rich rhythm sounds. And both tone controls are also combined in this position too.

Position #4: Is the neck and the middle combined in an out-of-phase vintage Strat tone.

Position #5: Is totally vintage Strat with just the neck pickup and the middle tone control.

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