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SOLD – 1983 The Strat Olympic White


Sale on all 80s models (The Strat and Dan Smith era)!!!

The Strat in rare Olympic White and great shape for an almost 40 year old guitar.

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Until 1979 Fender only made one model Stratocaster per year. So you could choose from… well one. In 1979 the first anniversary model was launched and in 1980 the first special edition of the Stratocaster. Simply named “The Strat”. Production of this collectors item only lasted three years, because production costs were too high due to the goldplated hardware and complex wiring. Three standard colors for this guitar: Candy Apple Red, Lake Placid Blue en Artic White. That’s why this Olympic White Strat is quite special.

Send me a message if you’re interested!Send me a message if you’re interested! This guitar will be shipped from The Netherlands, so if you live in the EU there will be no taxes!

Also check out the comment on Strat Collector:

Although officially only available in Candy Apple Red, Lake Placid Blue, and later, Artic White, several other colors (possible one-offs) and variations (hues) of the original three official colors are known to exist, including “Stratoburst”, Black (Cathay Ebony), Candy Apple Green, Gold, Natural Ash, Olympic White and Sapphire Blue

This guitar is completely original and dates from 1983, only thing missing is the Tremelo arm. As you can see this guitar has been used! But it is still in great condition for an almost 40 year old guitar.

What’s also special in “The Strat” is the bottom knob. Normally a tone knob. But with the guitar it is a two-way switch that provide 4 extra pickup combinations:

neck and middle pickups in series – humbucking

middle and bridge pickups in series – humbucking

neck and bridge pickups in parallel

neck and bridge pickups in parellel, with the middle pickup in series

And of course this early 80s guitar has the famous X1 pickup in the bridge position for extra power. Strats from the 70s and early 80s are heavy. Fender did this to enhance sustain of the guitar. This guitar is 4.445 Kg.

Want to hear how this Strat sounds? Check out my YouTube Video!

Comes with a Tweed non-original case!

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