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SOLD – 1979 25th Anniversary Stratocaster Porsche Silver 100% Original

80s Februari Sale on all early 80s models (Anniversary, The Strat and Dan Smith era)!!!

Vintage limited edition Strat in aged Porsche Silver.

Send me a message if your interested!

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In 1954 the first Stratocaster was sold by Fender. Therefor in 1979 it was time for the Silver Anniversary of the Strat. To commemorate that, the first ever special Strat was developed. Until 1979 each year you could choose… Well you could not choose, there was only one Strat model. Different colors of course. But just one setup. The 1979 was the first limited edition Stratocaster with a only 10.000 guitars made.

First batch were with a white finish, but these gave some problems and therefor all guitars were recalled and repainted in Porsche Silver. Which over the last 43 year has turned into a beautiful greenish, silver metalic. Also this was the first Strat after the CBS period to return to the 4 bolt neckplate and the trussrod in back of the neck. Strats from the 70s and early 80s are heavy. Fender did this to enhance sustain of the guitar. This guitar is 4.615 Kg.

Comes with the original case.

Send me a message if you’re interested! This guitar will be shipped from The Netherlands, so if you live in the EU there will be no taxes!

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