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Fender Masterbuilder Shootout – Dennis galuszka vs Jason SmitH

Two idendical Masterbuilt guitars. These Strats were built in a limited release of 100 guitars. Everything is build to replicate a 1957 Strat. The soft V shape neck, 7.25″ radius, two tone sunburst, 1957 handwound pickups my masterwinder Abigail Ybarra and the lightweight alder body. These guitar even have the same weight (oke, 5 grams difference) The only difference is the builder of the guitar. One made by Dennis Galuszka and the other by Jason Smith.

Will there be a difference in tone? Will you be able to hear it. So I did the test. Same new d’Addario XL .10 strings, same pickup height and playing only a boring G Chords. So what’s your verdict. Galuszka or Smit? And what is the difference you hear or are they the same?

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