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When I had five 80s Fender Stratocasters in stock, it gave me the opportunity to tell a little bit about the history of Fender Strats in the eighties. But also to show the five guitars and give you a short listen. The guitars featured are:

1979 25th Anniversary SOLD
1982 The Strat SOLD
1982 Standard 1st version “Dan Smith” SOLD
1983 Standard 2nd version “Two Knob” SOLD
1988 American Standard (SOLD)

3 thoughts on “80s Stratocasters”

  1. Realy nice to see the 1980’s Strats history being told!
    I’m a big fan of the 1982 Dan Smith’s alltough in reality i don’t think they live up to their reputation of being the flawless guitars from the factory they were supposed to be.
    I’ve always liked the small headstock with the black Fender logo and the large lettering STRATOCASTER.
    Mine’s black with a rosewood fingerboard.
    The sound is realy sweet but can be feisty too!

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