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60s Fender Custom Shop Strat Shootout

Do you love 60s Custom Shop Strats? Well I do! So I’ve taken seven different Custom Shop models 60, 62, 63 and 65 from different years 1995 to 2022 and played them for you to decide: Which is your favourite 60s Custom Shop Strat? Let me know in the comments! I recorded all guitars clean with a Røde NT2A in front of my little 1973 Fender Champ Tube amp.

The guitars in order of appearance:

Fender Custom Shop 60 NOS Stratocaster 1995 Sunburst

Fender Custom Shop 60 NOS Stratocaster 2000 Daphne Blue Not online in the shop yet!

Fender Custom Shop 60 Relic Stratocaster 2004 Ice Blue Metalic with matching headstock

Fender Custom Shop 62 California Beach Ltd Stratocaster 2004 Catalina Blue

Fender Custom Shop 65 Relic Stratocaster 2004 Lake Placid Blue

Fender Custom Shop 65 Journeyman Stratocaster 2021 Sherwood Green

Fender Custom Shop 63 NOS Stratocaster 2022 Lake Placid Blue

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